RaiSim v1.1.6

RaiSim is a cross-platform multi-body physics engine for robotics and AI. It fully supports Linux, Mac Os, and Windows. RaiSim is closed-source and is distributed under a few different types of license. Please check License section for details.


RaiSimPy demo (robots.py)

RaisimPy example in raisimPy/examples/robots.py

Skeleton img from S. K at KAIST

Biomechanical simulation, created by Young-Jun Koo, PhD and Seungbum Koo, PhD at Musculoskeletal BioDynamics Lab, KAIST.

The geometric model is created using the Full-body musculoskeletal model in Rajagopal et al. (2016).


Ray Test example with Husky and Velodyne


ANYmal B and C robots, by ANYbotics AG.**


URDF Example