Math ClassesΒΆ

RaiSim incorporates its dedicated math library, located within the raisim/math directory. It is important to note that while the RaiSim math library is available, it is not recommended for direct use by users. However, several RaiSim methods generate a RaiSim math object as output. In these situations, conversion to an Eigen object is required. To facilitate this conversion process, RaiSim provides a convenient method within the Mat class: the e() method, which returns the corresponding Eigen::Map. An example demonstrating this conversion is provided below.

/// convertsion from a raisim object to an Eigen object (i.e., Eigen::Map)
raisim::Mat<3,3> matrix33RaiSim;
Eigen::Matrix3d matrix33Eigen = matrix33RaiSim.e();
std::cout<<"matrix33Eigen\n"<<matrix33Eigen<<std::endl; // pretty std output formatting is not implemented yet. So we use Eigen's

/// use a raisim object as if it is an Eigen object
Eigen::Vector3d vector3Eigen1, vector3Eigen2;
vector3Eigen2 = matrix33RaiSim.e() * vector3Eigen1;