Body types

There are three available body types.

  1. DYNAMIC: can have a velocity, has a finite mass

  2. KINEMATIC: can have a velocity, has an infinite mass (e.g., conveyor belt)

  3. STATIC: cannot have a velocity, has an infinite mass (e.g., wall)

SingleBodyObjects can be of any type. ArticulatedSystems can only be DYNAMIC except the fixed base which can be STATIC.

You can get/set the body type using

  • setBodyType(BodyType type)

  • getBodyType() or getBodyType(body_index)

getBodyType() for ArticulatedSystems always returns DYNAMIC.


All objects can be named. These names are used by visualizers. raisim::World has a functionality to retrieve an object by name. Here is an example.

auto sphere = world.addSphere(1,1);
std::string name = sphere->getName();
auto same_sphere = world.getObject("sphere");