Change Log

Here we only describe the changes to the RaiSim library. Other peripheral codes are not tracked here.


There have been huge changes in this version. The biggest change is in the articulated system (AS) solver. Please read the “Performance” section of this documentation if you are interested. Note that the new AS solver is analytically equivalent to the old solver.

There have been a few non-backward-compatible changes as well. They were unavoidable to keep RaiSim simpler and more understandable. PerObjectContact class is gone and it is replaced by a simple std::vector in Object.hpp. ArticulatedSystem::getNonlinearities now takes gravity argument (due to reasons described in the “Performance” section). But if you are using for RL, the chance is that you are not even going to notice any of the changes.

RaiSim is now compiled by Clang++-11. GCC could not keep up with the runtime performance. This should not affect users in any way but maybe there unpredictable negative impacts. Post any issues to the GitHub issues.