RaiSim Unity

raisimUnity is a visualizer for RaiSim. It communicates with RaiSim using a TCP/IP protocol. Pre-built executables are provided in raisimUnity directory.

How to use raisimUnity

1. Write your simulated world in RaiSim, create a server and attach the world to the server. An example is provided below.

/// launch raisim server
raisim::RaisimServer server(&world);

while(1) {

  1. Run RaiSimUnity executable (in the raisimUnity directory)

../_images/raisimUnity1.png ../_images/raisimUnity2.png
  1. Run your simulation


4. If the IP and port number matches, raisimUnity will try to connect automatically. You can disable auto-connection by unchecking the auto-connect checkbox.

  1. A quick summary

../_images/RSUinstruction1.png ../_images/RSUinstruction2.png ../_images/RSUinstruction3.png