RaiSim v1.1.7

RaiSim is a cross-platform multi-body physics engine for robotics and AI. It fully supports Linux, Mac Os, and Windows. RaiSim is closed-source and is distributed under a few different types of license. Please check License section for details.


RaiSim demo (minitaur.cpp)

raisim example (closed-loop) minitaur.cpp

RaiSim demo (sensors.cpp)

raisim example sensors.cpp

RaiSim demo (atlas.cpp)

raisim example atlas.cpp

RaiSim demo (office1.cpp)

raisim example office1.cpp

RaiSimPy demo (robots.py)

RaisimPy example robot.py

Skeleton img from S. K at KAIST

Biomechanical simulation, created by Young-Jun Koo, PhD and Seungbum Koo, PhD at Musculoskeletal BioDynamics Lab, KAIST.

The geometric model is created using the Full-body musculoskeletal model in Rajagopal et al. (2016).

The KAIST team provided this image but we do not have this model in this repo.


raisim example rayDemo2.cpp


raisim example anymals.cpp


raisim example trackedRobotAndTemplatedURDF.cpp